4 Ways to Recognize Self-Improvement Month This September

4 Ways to Recognize Self-Improvement Month This September

September 02, 2021
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September is the official month for self-improvement, and it couldn’t be more timely as we usher in the fall and back-to-school season. If you’re like most people, self-improvement sounds great but somehow never finds its way into your schedule. This September, here are a few steps you can take to recognize the intention behind the month. 

Revisit Your New Year’s Resolutions

Remember January 1st? If you committed to any New Year’s Resolutions back at the start of the year, self-improvement month is a great time to revisit them. Start by reflecting on the intention behind your goals and how you’ve fared in the months since. If you still feel align with your goals, now is a great time to recommit to close out the year. There are still four months of potential success around the corner! If your goals no longer resonate, take some time to create a new goal or intention for the rest of the year.

Quit a Bad Habit

It’s safe to say that all of us have not-so-great habits that we might like to leave behind. September is a great month to identify a habit that’s no longer serving you and create a plan to let it go. As you let go, consider replacing your old habit with a new, positive habit that can take its place. Win, win!

Focus on Self-Care

September is a busy month for many reasons—it’s back-to-school season for families, fall sports season for athletes, and the last month of Q3 for businesspeople. Add to that the many

 holidays that are right around the corner, and you have a recipe for overwhelm. To get ahead of these stressors, use the month of September to reconnect to a self-care practice. If you’re not quite sure what to do, spend some time thinking about what needs you’ve been ignoring or dismissing. Do you need more alone time, more rest, more movement, or more

 connection? Once you’ve identified an overdue need, build a self-care ritual around your solution.

Read a Nonfiction Book

Reading of any kind is a great self-improvement practice, but nonfiction books are especially powerful when it comes to expanding our minds and learning something new. If you’re  feeling inspired, wander through your local library or bookstore (or the online equivalent) and grab a nonfiction book that catches your eye. Aim to finish it by the end of the month—you might be surprised by just how much you can learn in that short time.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, September’s self-improvement focus is an invitation to turn inward and reconnect to your needs and desires. You deserve to invest time and resources into your own well-being, and this month is a great opportunity to make that happen. How will you bring self-improvement into your life this September?