A Peek at Wilmington, Delaware

A Peek at Wilmington, Delaware

April 12, 2021

Wilmington has the most prominent downtown area of the entire state of Delaware. The city contains banking, restaurants, museums, performing arts venues, and tax-free shopping at its center.

Wilmington was once the Delaware Valley’s earliest Colonial settlement, founded in 1638. It was then called “New Sweden,” which is what we now know as the city of Wilmington.

Downtown is the bustling headquarters of Wilmington. Home to many outlets for beauty, artistic expression, sights, and plenty of shopping, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to spend a day or more in this historic center. Wilmington has something for everyone in the family to see and do in and around the downtown area.

Three Must-See Sites in Wilmington

  1. Winterthur Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969) decided to make his family childhood home available to the general public. The du Pont family spent much of their time in and around Wilmington to preserve and develop its beauty and history. The family’s home today is a premier museum of American decorative arts. The house contains 175 rooms, and much of it has been preserved exactly the way it was when the du Pont family lived there. Winterthur stands on 1,000 acres of gorgeous meadows and woodlands. It has one of America’s most extraordinary naturalistic gardens, a whopping 60 acres in total, and it has become essential to the study of American art and culture.
  2. Delaware Art Museum The Delaware Art Museum has a fascinating history. The city was put onto America’s artistic radar after Howard Pyle, a Wilmington native and famous American illustrator passed away suddenly at the age of 58 on a trip in Italy. Friends and acquaintances of his were passionate about preserving his work and sharing it with generations to come. With generous donations and support from locals, the Delaware Art Museum was eventually born from the Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts, started by Pyle’s friends. Educational art programs and the like formed at the Delaware Art Center, which joined with the Wilmington Academy of Art in 1943. Eventually, the Delaware Art Center became what is now known as the Delaware Art Museum. It is home to several grand exhibits, creative programs for the family, and some of America’s most fascinating historical works of art.
  3. New Candlelight Theatre Located just minutes from downtown Wilmington, the New Candlelight Theatre houses glorious musical theatre entertainment all over dinner and under candlelight! The experience of live theater is something that every person should have at least once in their lifetime.

There is so much to see and do in the historic city of Wilmington, Delaware. Whether you are going solo or with friends, family, or other loved ones, you will find plenty of entertainment, food, culture, and history in this magnificent city. Wandering in the gardens or hiking through a state park, searching for excitement in a busy downtown establishment, or simply seeking pleasurable viewing of art and history, are all things you can find yourself doing in the city of Wilmington. Whatever your flavor, Wilmington has it for you.

In Summary

Do yourself a favor and take a weekend getaway, or even stay a week, in the beautiful, historical, artistic city of Wilmington, Delaware. Even the locals get in on the fun in this bustling downtown metropolis. If you have never seen the museum, the theatre, or been to Winterthur, you are overdue for a dose of American art, history, and culture brought to you by Wilmington!