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For those renting properties, absolute peace of mind comes with knowing you have a renters insurance policy. Many renters in the area do not feel as though they need the protection of renters insurance, but this is a misconception. Purchasing a renters insurance policy from The Wiswall Insurance Agency, Inc. provides the following safety nets that are invaluable in the event of a tragedy.

Protection of Personal Property

When renting an apartment or a single-family home, the homeowners will often have an insurance policy in place for the structure of the dwelling. However, when tragedy strikes, your personal property is not covered under that policy, and you could be forced to replace all the property that was damaged. Personal property includes items such as clothing, furniture, appliances that you have furnished, electronics, and other personal items that you brought with you to the rented space. With renters insurance, your property is protected, and you can be reimbursed for the property that was damaged.

Relocation Protection

When the dwelling that you are staying in is damaged, it will often need to be repaired. This means you and your family will need temporary housing during the restoration process. Without insurance, you will be obligated to pay these fees for a hotel or apartment personally, all while maintaining the requirements of your lease. With renters insurance, you have the option to carry relocation coverage that will pay for the expenses of your temporary housing, preventing you from a financial crisis.

Have That Peace of Mind When Renting

If you are renting, it is essential that you find financial relief in the event of a tragedy. Your personal property is an investment that you continue to build and attempting to replace these different items while relocating can be overwhelming. Eliminate that stress by contacting our agents at The Wiswall Insurance Agency, Inc. today. Get a quote and have your questions answered.

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